We tell our clients to identify their greatest capability, to focus on what they are great at, and to discontinue having ‘average’ products or services. We do the same. We believe that we bring unique value in Retail Management, Customer and Supplier Management and in selected areas of Talent Development. Those areas are our passion. And that is our focus.

Our difference.

We combine complex ideas and analyses to come up with a simple solution. The simpler the solution, the better the chance it gets done.  We also know that it is simple ideas that often have the biggest impact on company results.

Our concern is not the number of power point slides or manual pages. Our concern is designing and implementing a breakthrough solution to improve our client’s bottom line.

We grow our business gradually by offering services that our clients appreciate.  Our clients then often come back or offer valuable reference.  It is not easy to succeed and only future will show who stays and who fails. We chose our way forward by gaining client’s trust. One client at a time. We not in fast growth contest. We are in the business of offering solid advice.

Our experience.

We always understand our clients and seek only those projects that build on our experience.  Our DNA is formed by fast moving consumer goods, namely by the areas of sales and purchasing.  That is our niche.

If you are a retailer and want someone to help you structure your offer that would be in concert with your customers, we are here. If your business is online and you need advice on how to make an attractive proposal, we are here. If you are a manufacturer and you seek advice on what is the best way to approach your customers, we are ready to help.

Every project team might be different. Yet once you see the team and its experience, you will understand what we mean by understanding our clients and by having people with relevant experience.

Focus on your greatest capability, understand your clients, and work with passion

Jan Cerman, Principle